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by: kb
R|  eb|------------------------------------------------------------------|
U|  Bb|----------------------------9--9----------------------------------|
.|  Gb|--------9-----9-----11--11------------9-----9---------------------|
T|  Db|-----9-----9-----9-----------------9-----9-----9----------9-------| x2
A|  Ab|---------------------------------------------------12--12----11---|
B|  Eb|------------------------------------------------------------------|
B|  [EE
]                    [C#mC#m
] B|          And when it rains, E|                   [AA
]           [EE
]        [C#mC#m
] R|  On this side of town it touches, everything. .|                [AA
]            [EE
] C|  Just say it again and mean it. O|                        [AA
] M|  We don't miss a thing, You made yourself a bed -|                        [EE
] R|  At the bottom of the blackest hole U|          [AA
] .|  And convinced yourself that T|                           [EE
]                      [BB
] A|  It's not the reason you don't see the sun anymore B|   N|   A|   B|      [AA
]       [C#mC#m
]           [EE
] B|  And oh, oh, how could you do it? E|  [AA
]      [BB
]        [C#mC#m
] R|  Oh I, I never saw it coming. .|  [AA
]       [C#mC#m
]           [EE
] C|  Oh, oh, I need the ending. O|      [AA
]             [BB
] M|  So why can't you stay -|             [C#mC#m
]       [EE
] R|  Just long enough to explain? U|   .|   T|               [C#mC#m
] A|  And when it rains, B|                   [AA
]        [EE
] N|  Will you always find an escape? A|                 [C#mC#m
]                 [AA
]             [EE
] B|  Just running away from all of the ones who love you, B|                 [AA
] E|  From everything. you made yourself a bed R|                        [EE
] .|  At the bottom of the blackest hole C|               [AA
] O|  And you'll sleep 'til May M|                                      [EE
]                    [BB
] -|  And you'll say that you don't want to see the sun anymore R|   U|   .|   T|      [AA
]       [C#mC#m
]           [EE
] A|  And oh, oh, how could you do it? B|  [AA
]      [BB
]        [C#mC#m
] N|  Oh I, I never saw it coming. A|  [AA
]       [C#mC#m
]           [EE
] B|  Oh, oh, I need the ending. B|      [AA
]             [BB
] E|  So why can't you stay R|             [C#mC#m
]       [EE
] .|  Just long enough to explain? C|   O|   M|  [C#mC#m
]   [BB
]     [AA
] -|  Take your time. R|  [C#mC#m
]   [BB
]   [AA
] U|  Take my time. .|   T|   A|  [C#mC#m
]                    [BB
] B|  Take these chances to turn it around. N|  [AA
] A|  Take these chances, we'll make it somehow B|  [C#mC#m
]                         [BB
] B|  And take these chances to turn it around. E|         [AA
] R|  Just turn it around. .|   C|   O|      [AA
]       [C#mC#m
]           [EE
] M|  And oh, oh, how could you do it? -|  [AA
]      [BB
]        [C#mC#m
] R|  Oh I, I never saw it coming. U|      [AA
]       [C#mC#m
]           [EE
] .|  And oh, oh, how could you do it? T|  [AA
]      [BB
]        [C#mC#m
] A|  Oh I, I never saw it coming. B|      [AA
]       [C#mC#m
]           [EE
] N|  And oh, oh, how could you do it? A|  [AA
]      [BB
]        [C#mC#m
] B|  Oh I, I never saw it coming. B|  [AA
]       [C#mC#m
]           [EE
] E|  Oh, oh, I need the ending. R|      [AA
]             [BB
] .|  So why can't you stay C|             [C#mC#m
]       [EE
] O|  Just long enough to explain? M|   -|   R|  [C#mC#m
]               [BB
]            [AA
] U|  You can take your time, take my time-------|----------------|----------------| .|  
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10 years ago
Thanksss a lot for this(:


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