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by: megli808

R|  Intro - [DD
] , [EE
] , [AA
] , [GG
] - [BB
] - [AA
] U|   .|   T|  Verse 1 A|   B|   N|  [DD
]                                       [AA
] A|  Brown eyes and lungs are filled up with smoke B|  [EE
] B|  Fast lives are stuck in the undertow E|  [DD
] R|  But you know the places I wanna go .|  [DD
] C|  Cause oh oh oh O|  [DD
]                            [AA
] M|  I've got a sickness, you've got the cure -|  [EE
] R|  You've got the spunk I've been lookin' for U|  [DD
] .|  And I've got a plan, we walk out the door T|   A|  PRE-CHORUS B|   N|   A|  [AA
] B|  You know you wanna B|  [EE
] E|  Just let go R|  [DD
] .|  It's time to roll down the windows C|  [AA
] O|  Sing it oh oh M|  [EE
]               [DD
] -|  Yeah all we need so here we go R|   U|  CHORUS .|   T|   A|  [DD
] B|  Turn it up N|  [AA
] A|  It's five minutes to midnight B|  [EE
] B|  You're coming home with me tonight E|  [DD
] R|  I can't get enough .|  [DD
] C|  Shakin' me up O|  [DD
] M|  Turn it up -|  [DD
]                        [AA
] R|  Alright, at five minutes to midnight U|  [EE
] .|  You see our name in city lights T|  [DD
] A|  We'll make the clock stop B|  [DD
] N|  Make your heart drop and come alive A|   B|  VERSE 2 B|   E|   R|  [DD
] .|  We could C|  [DD
]                            [AA
] O|  Pack up and leave all our things behind M|  [EE
] -|  No fact or fiction or storyline R|  [DD
] U|  Cause I need you more than just for tonight .|  [DD
]            [GG
] (pause) T|  You're oh oh all I care A|  -----                    [AA
] B|  I can't stop my breathing in N|  [EE
] A|  I'm weak and you were my medicine B|  [DD
] B|  I won't stop till I am under your skin E|   R|  PRE-CHORUS .|   C|   O|  [AA
] M|  You know you wanna -|  [EE
] R|  Just let go U|  [DD
] .|  It's time to roll down the windows T|  [AA
] A|  Sing it oh oh B|  [EE
]               [DD
] N|  Yeah all we need so here we go A|   B|  CHORUS B|   E|   R|  [DD
] .|  Turn it up C|  [AA
] O|  It's five minutes to midnight M|  [EE
] -|  You're coming home with me tonight R|  [DD
] U|  I can't get enough .|  [DD
] T|  Shakin' me up A|  [DD
] B|  Turn it up N|  [DD
]                        [AA
] A|  Alright, at five minutes to midnight B|  [EE
] B|  You see our name in city lights E|  [DD
] R|  We'll make the clock stop .|  [DD
] C|  Make your heart drop and come alive O|   M|  BRIDGE -|  [DD
] R|  And when the clock strikes twelve U|  [AA
] .|  Will you find another party go and kiss and tell? T|  [BB
]       [AA
]     [GG
] A|  Cause you know I never will B|  [DD
] N|  I think we should strike a match A|  [AA
] B|  We'll hold it to the wind to and see how long it lasts B|  [DD
] E|  We can make the time stand stillman
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