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by: erismanoc

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R|  eA9        [C#mC#m
]/G       [AA
]/F# U|  Darling I want you to listen .|  [Bm7Bm7
]                    [D9]/B                    [EE
] T|  I stayed up all night, so I can get this thing right A|        [A9]                  [C#mC#m
]/G      [AA
]/F# B|  And I don't think there's anything missing N|          [Bm7Bm7
]                      [D9]/B    [EE
] A|  Cause a person like you, made it easy to do B|  [D9]/F#       [Bm7Bm7
]    [EE
]        [C#mC#m
]              [C#C#
] B|  I've waited for so long, to sing to you this song E|   R|  [D9]                      [EE
] .|  Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven C|  [F#mF#m
] [EE
]                  [D9] O|  Your smile could heal a million souls M|  [DD
]    [AA
]          [DD
]          [AA
] -|  Your love completes my existence R|  [Bm7Bm7
]                                 [EE
] U|  You're the other half that makes me whole .|             [DD
]/E T|  You're the only other half that makes me whole A|   B|  (verse CHORDS) N|  I think the angels are your brothers, yeah A|  They told you about me, said you're just what she needs B|  And I find myself thanking your mother B|  For giving birth to a saint E|  My spirit flies when I say your name R|  If there's one thing that's true .|  It's that I was born to love you C|   O|  (chorus chords) M|  Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven -|  Your smile could heal a million souls R|  Your love completes my existence U|  You're the other half that makes me whole .|             [DD
]/E                           G-A T|  You're the only other half that makes me whole A|  (G-A) B|  Whoooooolllee....Wooaaahhh ooaahhh... N|   A|  (verse chords) B|  You make my dreams B|  Come true over and, over again E|  And I honestly truly believe R|  You and me are written in the stars .|  I live my whole life through C|  To giving thanks to you O|   M|  (chorus chords) -|  Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven R|  Your smile could heal a million souls U|  Your love completes my existence .|  You're the other half that makes me whole T|  You're the only other half that makes me whole A|  VERSE 1 and 2 and 3: B|   N|     [A9]     [C#mC#m
]/G#   [AA
]/F#   [Bm7Bm7
]    [D9]/B    [EE
] A|  e----0--|-------|---2---|----4--|-------|---0---| B|  B----0--|----5--|---2---|---4---|---4---|---0---| B|  G----7--|---4---|---2---|--2----|--2----|---1---| E|  D---7---|--2----|---2---|-------|-------|---2---| R|  A--6----|-------|-------|-2-----|-2-----|---2---| .|  E-5-----|-4-----|---2---|-------|-------|---0---| C|     [A9]     [C#mC#m
]/G#   [AA
]/F#   [Bm7Bm7
]    [D9]/B    [EE
] O|  e----0--|-------|---2---|----4--|-------|---0---| M|  B----0--|----5--|---2---|---4---|---4---|---0---| -|  G----7--|---4---|---2---|--2----|--2----|---1---| R|  D---7---|--2----|---2---|-------|-------|---2---| U|  A--6----|-------|-------|-2-----|-2-----|---2---| .|  E-5-----|-4-----|---2---|-------|-------|---0---| T|   [D9]/F#   [D9]/F#   [EE
]       [C#mC#m
]     [C#mC#m
]/G# [C#C#
] A|  e-------|-------|---0---|-------|-------|-------| B|  B---4---|---4---|---0---|----5--|----5--|---6---|                         N|  G---2---|---2---|---1---|---4---|---4---|---6---| A|  D-------|-------|---2---|--2----|--2----|---6---| B|  E-------|-------|---2---|-4-----|-------|---4---| B|  A---2---|---2---|---0---|-------|-2-----|-------| E|   R|  CHORUS: .|     [D9]       [EE
]      [F#mF#m
]     [DD
]       [AA
]       [Bm7Bm7
]     [DD
]/E C|  e-------|---0---|---2---|---2---|---0---|---2---|---2---| O|  B---4---|---0---|---2---|---4---|---2---|---3---|---4---| M|  G---2---|---1---|---2---|---2---|---2---|---2---|---2---| -|  D---0---|---2---|---4---|---0---|---2---|---4---|---x---| R|  A-------|---2---|---4---|-------|---0---|---2---|---x---| U|  E-------|---0---|---2---|-------|-------|-------|---0---| .|   T|  |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| A|  b|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|  g|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| N|  d|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| A|  a|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|  e|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| B|  
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