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R|  Capo 3rd Fret 
.|  C               Em                    D   Am 
T|  The meadowlark and the chim-choo-ree and the sparrow 
A|  Set to the sky in a flying spree, for the sport over the pharaoh 
B|  Little while later the Pharisees dragged comb through the meadow 
N|  Do you remember what they called up to you and me, in our window? 
B|      C               Em                    D   Am 
B|  there is a rusty light on the pines tonight sun pouring wine, lord, or marrow 
E|  down into the bones of the birches and the spires of the churches jutting 
R|  out from the shadows 
.|  the oak, and the axe, and the old smokestacks and the bale and the barrow 
C|  and everything sloped like it was dragged from a rope in the mouth of the south below 
M|  F                A              E          F#m 
-|  we've seen those mountains kneeling, felten and grey 
R|  we thought our very hearts would up and melt away 
U|           D            A         E   F#m 
.|  from that snow in the nighttime just going and going 
T|  and the stirring of wind chimes in the morning in the morning 
A|  Bm    E7     Bm    E7 
B|  helps me find my way back in 
N|  from the place where I have been 
B|  D 
E|       C#m                     F#        
R|  and, Emily - I saw you last night by the river 
.|  I dreamed you were skipping little stones across the surface of the water 
C|  G#m               B          A               C#m 
O|  frowning at the angle where they were lost, and slipped under forever, 
M|  in a mud-cloud, mica-spangled, like the sky'd been breathing on a mirror 
R|  C#m                     F# 
U|  anyhow - I sat by your side, by the water 
.|  you taught me the names of the stars overhead that I wrote down in my ledger 
T|  G#m               B          A               C#m 
A|  tho all I knew of the rote universe were those pleiades loosed in december 
B|  I promised you I‘d set them to verse so I'd always remember 
A|  C#m                     F# 
B|  that the meteorite is a source of the light and the meteor's just what we see 
B|  G#m               B          A               C#m 
R|  and the meteoroid is a stone that's devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee  
.|  C#m                     F# 
C|  and the meteorite's just what causes the light and the meteor's how it's perceived 
O|  G#m               B          A               C#m 
M|  and the meteoroid's a bone thrown from the void that lies quiet in offering to thee 
R|  C               Em                    D   Am 
U|    you came and lay a cold compress upon the mess I'm in 
.|  threw the window wide and cried; Amen! Amen! Amen! 
T|  the whole world - stopped - to hear you hollering 
A|  you looked down and saw now what was happening 
N|  C               Em                    D   Am 
A|  the lines are fadin' in my kingdom 
B|  though I have never known the way to border them in 
B|  so the muddy mouths of baboons and sows and the grouse and the horse and the hen 
E|  grope at the gate of the looming lake that was once a tidy pen 
R|  and the mail is late and the great estates are not lit from within 
.|  the talk in town's becoming downright sickening 
O|  F                A              E          F#m 
M|  in due time we will see the far butte lit by a flare 
-|  I've seen your bravery, and I will follow you there 
R|           D            A         E   F#m 
U|  and row through the nighttime gone healthy gone healthy all of a sudden in  
.|  search of the midwife who could help me who could help me 
T|  Bm    E7     Bm    E7 
A|  help me find my way back in 
B|  there are worries where I've been 
A|  D 
B|  C#m                     F#     
E|  say, say, say in the lee of the bay; don't be bothered 
R|  leave your troubles here where the tugboats shear the water from the water 
.|  G#m               B          A               C#m 
C|  flanked by furrows, curling back, like a match held up to a newspaper 
M|  C#m                     F#  
-|  Emily, they'll follow your lead by the letter 
R|  and I make this claim, and I'm not ashamed to say I know you better 
U|  G#m               B          A               C#m 
.|  what they've seen is just a beam of your sun that banishes winter 
A|  C#m                     F#     
B|  let us go! though we know it's a hopeless endeavor 
N|  the ties that bind, they are barbed and spined and hold us close forever 
A|  G#m               B          A               C#m 
B|  though there is nothing would help me come to grips with a sky that is gaping and yawning 
B|  there is a song I woke with on my lips as you sailed your great ship towards the morning 
R|  C               Em                    D   Am 
.|  come on home, the poppies are all grown knee-deep by now 
C|  blossoms all have fallen, and the pollen ruins the plow 
O|  peonies nod in the breeze and while they wetly bow, with 
M|  hydrocephalitic listlessness ants mop up-a their brow 
R|  C               Em                    D   Am 
U|  and everything with wings is restless, aimless, drunk and dour 
.|  the butterflies and birds collide at hot, ungodly hours 
T|  and my clay-colored motherlessness rangily reclines 
A|  - come on home, now! all my bones are dolorous with vines 
N|  F                A              E          F#m 
A|  Pa pointed out to me, for the hundredth time tonight 
B|  the way the ladle leads to a dirt-red bullet of light 
B|           D            A         E   F#m 
E|  squint skyward and listen - loving him, we move within  
R|  his borders: just asterisms in the stars' set order 
.|  we could stand for a century, starin', with our heads cocked 
C|  in the broad daylight at this thing. Joy, landlocked 
O|  in bodies that don't keep, dumbstruck with the sweetness of be- 
M|  ing till we don't be told; take this and eat this 
R|  C               Em                    D   Am 
U|  told; the meteorite is the source of the light and the meteor's just what we see 
.|  and the meteoroid is a stone that's devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee 
T|  and the meteorite's just what causes the light and the meteor's how it's perceived 
A|  and the meteoroid's a bone thrown from the void that lies quiet in offering to thee 
N|  C               Em                    D   Am to end.

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