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by: billy bob

R|  Can I..
.|  D                                       B
T|  stop my life so I can just be with you?
A|  Em                                   Gm
B|  Let's hightail to Hawaii on a plane.
N|  A                               Bm
A|  I'll embezzle what's left of my band fund
B|  Em                             Gm
B|  to take necessary action to destroy what I have made
R|  D                                    B
.|  You and I will move to New York City
C|  Em                                            Gm
O|  I'll get a temp job, you'll start your career
M|  A                              Bm
-|  I'm not being fickle, just realistic
R|  Em                                     Gm
U|  the air is moist but it never gets too cold this time of year
T|  F#m               Bm
A|  So tell me was it worth it?
B|  Em           A               Bm
N|  Answer before I get in my van
A|  Gm                       Em    Bm
B|  to drive into the Pacific
B|  Gm                        Em                   D
E|  Where I'll probably never see your face again.
.|  D                                          B
C|  Say the word and I'll put my guitar down.
O|  Em                                       Gm
M|  I'll be mad, but at least we'll both get laid
-|  A                                       Bm
R|  We'll start to fight when I hold it against you
U|  Em                                            Gm
.|  And we'll both agree the thought was nice but I should not have stayed
A|  D                                 B
B|  Take the I-Whatever to desolation
N|  Em                                  Gm
A|  and now fast food's reminding me of you
B|  A                                          Bm
B|  So i'll write postcards and I'll forget to send them
E|  Em                               Gm
R|  Thanks a lot, I lost my mind and now I'm losing you
C|  F#m                  Bm
O|  So tell me something awesome
M|  Em               A                          Bm
-|  that can last my whole life sentence in the van
R|  Gm                                                              Em      Bm
U|  'cause I'm on the S.S. Ambition/Bullshit Dreams/Stupid Goals to nowhere
.|  Gm                      Em              D
T|  And I'll probably never see your face again.
B|  Repeat

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