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by: tristan powell

R|  Nothing to see here.  Try entering a guitar tab above.ok im now 12 and this is my new song i wrote hope you enjoy!
.|  e------------------]
T|  b------------------]
A|  g---0-----2---2----]
B|  d--2----0-2---2----]
N|  a-3----2--0---0----]
A|  E-----3------------]
B|  thats what u play during the song and these below are the chords that play them.
B|    C  G  Am
E|  e-3--3--0--]
R|  b-3--3--1--]
.|  g-0--0--2--]
C|  d-2--0--2--]
O|  a-3--2--0--]
M|  E-0--3--0--]
-|  and this is the song it is about the hard life of going from childhood to marridge.
U|  verse 1
.|   C          G      Am
T|  The worlds ends today. 
A|  C       G   Am
B|  but i'm prepared.
N|       C       G         Am
A|  but i'm not properly dressed.
B|  C     G    Am
B|  but whos cares.
E|  C        G     Am
R|  the weddings today.
.|  C     G       Am
C|  childhood is gone.
O|  C    G      Am
M|  ill be the man.
-|  C   G      Am
R|  but not the one.
U|  verse 2
.|  C    G     Am 
T|  your in my face.
A|  C     G      Am
B|  every five minutes.
N|  C     G     Am
A|  its on my nerves.
B|  C      G                Am
B|  but i guess thats what i get.
E|  singing pauses guitar keeps playing till two rotations.
R|  C    G     Am
.|  i'm not bitter.
C|  C        G           Am
O|  but ive seen better days.
M|  C     G     Am
-|   im not stubbern.
R|  C  G Am
U|  anyways.
.|  C     G         Am
T|  you walk in the door.
A|  C     G       Am
B|  my face turns red.
N|  C    G         Am
A|  i thought i was ready.
B|  C    G     Am
B|  but i guess not.
R|  (chores)
.|  C    G      Am
C|  i'm not the one.
O|  C    G      Am
M|  i'm not the one.
-|  C    G     Am
R|  i'm not a miricale.
U|  C     G   Am
.|  might be wrong.
A|  verse 2 then chores the end.

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