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|R U Mine |r u mine? |R.O.C.K |RA2 |raat kali ek |Rabbit Habits |Rabbit In Your Headlights |Rabindra Sangeet Fule Fule Dhole Dhole guitar.mid |Race The Dream Intro |Race Wish (intro) |racing rats (intro) |Radar Love |Radiant Eclipse |Radiator |radio |radio active |Radio Ga Ga |Radio Protector (MINI) |Radio Protector (sample) |radioactive |radiovideo |Radium Eyes |Rage (Intro) |Rage on! |rage with the machine |ragoo |Ragtime tune |Ragtime tune 2 |ragtimetanic |Ragtimey Jazzy Piano (unknown title artist) |Rahael the Raven |raiders march |Raiders March (Indiana Jones) |Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones) theme |rain |Rain Song The |rain, rain go away |Rainbow |rainbow factor |Rainbow Factory |Rainbow in the dark |Rainbow in the Dark (riff) |Rainbow in the Dark intro and main kybd riff |Rainbows |raindrops |Raining Blood |Raining blood ( part one) |Raining in Baltimore (intro) |Rains of Castamere |Rainy Day |Rainy Day Man |Rainy Days and Monday (Cover) |Raise Hell |Raise Your Weapon |Raised to be Lowered |raising |raising fighting spirit |Raistlin and the Rose |Ramblin' Gamblin' Man - MIDI |rammleid |rammlied |rammlied midi |Rammstein |ramp |Random |Random biisi |Random Mash |random shit |Random Song (Piano version) |Random Song (Trumpet) |Random Song Title |Random Thoughts |Random try at New Divide |Randomize |Randomness |rape |Rape Me |Raped by the Light of Christ |Raped by the Light of Christ (opening) |Rapp Snitch Knishes |Rapture (KRS-One - Step Into A World [Rapture's Delight]) |Rapture Rapes the Muses |rapuh |Rapunzel |Rare Piano Shit |RASA INI |rasa sakit |Raskolnikov |Rasputin |RATE |rave |Ravers Fantasy |Raw |Raw Talent |rawr |Rayando el Sol |Rayman Arena |Razones pa Vivir |Razones pa vivir PARTE 1 |Razones pa vivir PARTE 2 |Reach for The Sky |reaching |Read My Mind |Ready |Ready (Intro) |ready for this to be over |ready set go |Ready Steady Go |Ready to Dump Trump? |Ready When You Are |Readymade |Real Birds - 5 minutes |real good looking boy |Real Love |realize |REALL to zanarcand |reason |Reason ( Endless Love ost) |REASON The |Reason Why (chords) |Rebecca |Rebel Rebel |Rebel Rebel - GTR |Rebel Rouser |rebel yell |Rebirth (dead air removed) |Rebirth (MIDI) POM2 |Rebirthing |Reckless abandon |Reckoner |reclaimed |Recycle |Recycled |Recycled Recycled |recycled songmaker |Recycled, needs some work but a great tune |Red |Red 40 |Red barchetta |Red Bow Ties |Red Cat |Red Dress (Intro) |Red Dust |Red dwarf Theme tune |Red Flag |Red Light Iin My Eyes (part 1 intro) |Red light indicates doors are secured |Red Light Pledge |Red pride laska |Red Sam |Red Soil |Red Vs Blue Tex Theme |Red Vs Blue Theme |Red Vs Blue Theme (higher pitch) |Red Vs Blue Theme Highest Pitch |Red Wing |RedBlue Title Theme |redeemer |Redemption Song |Redline Day |Redneck |Redwall Theme |redwall? |Reel'n In the Years |reflect the storm |reflectia |reflection |Reflections |REFRIED FUNKY |Refueling Base |Refuse resist |reggae |reggae_02.mid |Regret |Regrets |regrets & romance |Regulate this |Rehab (intro) |Rehab For Fictional Characters |Reign Of Doom |reincarnate |Reinventing Your Exit |reise reise (solo) |reise reise(ending) |REL |relax it'll all be over soon |Relax, no need to vote anymore |relaxing and good |Release from Bondage (Mad Piano) |Relief |Religulous |Religulous Riff |Remedy (Verses) |Remember |Remember Me as a Time of Day |Remember the Name |Remember to breathe |Remember When |Remembered About Dre |Remembering Sunday |Rememory |Remind Me |remix |Remorse Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number |Renai Circulation |rendez vous à Paris |Rendezvous (Vocals) |RendezVous4.mid |rengelish |Renholder |Repeated Story |Repeater |Replace You |Replace You (Acoustic) |Replay |replay english version |Replica |Replicas |reptar king of the ozone |reptile |Reptilia |Reptilia (chorus) |Reptilia continued |Republic of Benin (Dahomey) Theme Song |Republicrat |Requiem |Requiem for a dream |Requiem for a dream (one hand) |Requiem for a Dream intro |Requiem for a Dream Middle |requiem for a dream theme intro |Requiem intro |Requiem of Hope |Requiem of Spirit |REQUIEM, Sequentia, Lacrimosa(midi) |RERE |Rescue Me |Rescue Talo |Rescued |Rescued (Intro) |Reset Instrumental |Resistance |Resistance (remix) |Resistance part 2 |Resonance |Respect |Respect the Wind |Rest |rest in peace |Rest In Pieces |Rest Of My Life |Restless |Restless Dream |Restless Dream- in the key of Bb |Restless Dream- in the key of Bb (up an octave) |Resume |RETRO CROSS |Rette Mich |Return |return of the tres (reversed) |Return To Me |Return To Me - Remix J |Return To Me Remix # |Return To Me Remix B |Return To Pooh Corner |Revalations |revelation |revelry |Revenge of the Nerds |Reverie |Reverse Impulse |revg |Revive (Outro) |Revolution |revolution rock |Rew in the day |Rezo Por Vos |Rhiannon |rhinestone eyes |Rhubarb |Rhyme and Reason |Rhymes of an Hour |Rhythmn Is A Dancer |Ric Flair Drip |Ricco Harbor |Rich Man's World |richard II |Rick and Morty theme |rickjames |ricordi- intro |Ride |Ride of the Valkyries |Ride on shooting Star |Ride the Lghtning |Ride the lighning (solo) |ride the lightning |ride the wings of pestilence |Riders on the Storm |Riders on the Storm - MIDI |Riders on the storm (bass) |Ridin Dirty |ridin solo |Ridin' The Storm Out |Ridin With Biden (simple guitar song) |Riding bicycle Pokemon Red |riding rims |Riff |riff #69 |Riff 1 |Riff 102 |riff 11 |Riff 17 |Riff 33516 |Riff 46 |Riff 5 |Riff 69 |Riff 7 |riff for a spliff |Riff to the Fifth |riffin around |Right (Wrong Remix by slickrick) |right ahead young sailor |Right Before We Had Fought |Right Behind You.mid |Right Here |Right Here In My Arms |right here right now |Right Here Waiting |Right Here Waiting for You |Right In Two |Right in Two (intro) |Right Now |right place right time intro |Right Round |Right Round (Chourus) |Right Round (Rap Part 1) |right side of the bed solo |Right Were It Belongs (V2) |right where it belongs |Right Wrong Remix |Riku Theme |riku? |riley o baba (reverse remix) |Ring a ling |ring in return The |Ring my Bells |Ring Ring |ringtone theme |Riot |Riot (2 pitches lower) |Riot intro |Riot Maker |Riot! |Rip |Rip & Tear |Rip It |rirri sita |risalah hati |Rise |Rise Today |Rise Up |Rising |Rising Fighting Theme |Risque |rite of spring |Rivendell |River Below |River flow in you |River Flows In You |River Flows In You, section |Riverside |Riverside (reverse remix) |riverside chords |riviera paradise |rizzoli & Isles Theme |Road les... |Road To Joy |Road to Perdition |Road To Zion |roadhouse blues |Roads |Road's song |Roadside (Intro) |Rob SMith |Robert Smith |Roberts Box |Robocop |Robocop Theme |Robo's theme |Robot Boy |robot chicken |Robot Chicken Theme |Robot Rock |rocboys |Roche |ROCK |Rock and Roll |Rock And Roll All Nite |rock and roll part 2 |Rock Beat 1 |Rock Candy Mountain |rock history |Rock is dead |Rock It |Rock Lobsta |Rock Lobster |Rock Me Amadeus |Rock Medley |Rock Medley Orchestral |Rock N Roll |Rock n' Roll All Nite |Rock N' Roll High School |Rock N Roll Train |rock remix 1 (nirvana + aerosmith + foo fighters) |Rock Superstar (intro) |Rock the casbah |Rock The Dragon |Rock you like a hurricane |Rock you like a hurricane solo |Rock_Lobster.mid |Rockefeller Skank |rocket |Rocket City |Rocketeer |Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree |Rockin' In The Free World |Rockin the Free World |rockin the suburbs |Rockit |Rocknroll blåa ögon |Rocks (Naruto Season 1 Theme Song) |Rockstar |Rockstar chords |Rocky Mountain Way |Rocky Theme |rocky theme (main part) |Rodeo Intro |Rodolfo el reno |Roger Rabbit |Roger's And Holland's Feeling |Role Model |Roling Stone |Roll On Down The Highway |Roll On Down The Highway - GTR-CRD |Roll Over Lay Down |Roll With The Changes - MIDI |Roller coaster |rolling |Rolling Girl |Rolling Girl - Utau |rolling in the deep |Rolling Star |Rolling Stone (remix) |Romance |Romance [Piano version] |Romanian style to Japanese Style Scales |Romans 121 |Romanze (from Sonatina in G) |Romeo and Juliet |Rondino |rondo alla turca |Rondo Alla Turca KV. 331 |Ronfaure |ronnie james dio malmsteen dream on |roof top solo |Room 409 |room of angel |Rootless Tree |Rope |Ropes |Rosa |Rose |Rose (into) |Rose, The - MIDI |Rosemary Had An Accident (Before The Break-down) |Roses |Roses (intro) |Roses and Butterflies |Rose's Theme |Roslin and Adama |roster |Roter Sand |ROTR |rouge message |rough hands |Roulette |Roulette Dares |Round And Round |round here intro |Round Midnight |Roundtrip To Hell And Back |Rountripp to hell and back |Route 1 |Route 101 Ruby Sapphire Emerald |Route 209 |Route 26 |Route 29 |Route Around |Row |Rowdy Rumble |Roxanne |Roxas |roxas theme |roxas? |Roygbiv |RPG Sorrows of the Darkness |RPG Sorrows of the Darkness Piano Version |RPG2 |ruang sendiri |rubberband man |rubina |Ruby |Rude Awakening #2 |Rudolph the red nose reindeer |Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer |rufus ceebration |Rugrats |Rugrats Theme |rugrats theme backwards rmx |Rugrats Theme Song |ruiner |Ruins - Ceremony (Scary) |rule |Rule The World (Full Song) |Ruled By Secrecy |Ruled By Secrecy (intro) |Ruled By Secrecy (piano solo) |Ruler of Everything |Rumor |Rumors |Run |Run a Marathon |Run Away |Run Baby Run |Run Baby Run (midi) |Run For A Fall intro |Run for cover |Run It |run to the hills |run to the hills INTRO |Run to the Manger |Run to You (Intro) |Run with scissors |Runaway |Runaway (intro) |Runaway (Miguel's Version) |Runaway (riff) |Runaway Baby |runfor |Rungan (anime) - Pain |Runnin' Down A Dream |Running |running away |running blues |Running From Lions |Running From Monsters Repitivley |Running joke |Running Over Time |Running to the Sea |Running up that hill |running. yeah |Runs in The Family |rurouni-kenshin-kaoru-to-misao-ii-09-05-151735.mid |Rush |Rush of Blood To the Head (with chords) |Rusian Roulette |Russian Folk Song |Russian Privjet |Russian Roulette Intro |Russian Roulette(Bass Tab) |rusted from the rain |ruteaa |Ruthless |RV |RvB Theme |RxMedicate |RxMedicine ryan hill

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