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Songs Tabbed by HxCandGore:
Artist - Song 06.12.2023 14:34:13Last Updated
Piano3OH!3 - Chokechain14 years ago
Piano3oh!3 - Dont Dance13 years ago
Piano3oh!3 - ELECTROSHOCK intro14 years ago
PianoAbandon All Ships - Megawacko13 years ago
PianoAbandon All Ships - Pedestrians is another word for speed bumps (Take One Last Breath)12 years ago
PianoAbandon All Ships - Shake Your AAS14 years ago
PianoAsking Alexandria - A candleit dinner with Inamorta13 years ago
PianoAsking Alexandria - Alerion14 years ago
PianoAttack Attack! - Catfish Soup14 years ago

PianoAttack Attack! - Hot Grills and High Tops13 years ago
PianoAttack Attack! - Interlude14 years ago
PianoAttack Attack! - Stick Stickly13 years ago
PianoBetween the Buried and Me - Sun of Nothing13 years ago
Pianoborn of osiris - abstract art14 years ago
PianoCoheed And Cambria - Keeping The Blade (Full Composition)11 years ago
PianoGizepi Cosci - asdf13 years ago
PianoHORSE The Band - Bunnies14 years ago
PianoHORSE The Band - Lord Gold Throne Room14 years ago
PianoHORSE The Band - Murder (everything finished)13 years ago
PianoHORSE The Band - Soaring Quails12 years ago
Pianoi set my friends on fire - things that rhyme with orange14 years ago
PianoLil Wayne - I Feel Like Dieing (Vocals)15 years ago
PianoLil Wayne - La La15 years ago
PianoMega Man - Mega Man 2 Theme14 years ago
PianoMercenaries 2 - Oh No You Didnt !14 years ago
PianoNOTHING - NOTHING14 years ago
PianoSoulja Boy - Yah!15 years ago
More Songs Tabbed by HxCandGore [Guest]:
PianoBrokencyde - Freaxxx11 years ago
PianoBrokencyde - GET CRUNK!12 years ago
PianoBrokencyde - Schizophrenia12 years ago
PianoBrokencyde - Sex Toyz12 years ago
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