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Artist - SongCreated byCreated
MidiMidi - Dancing_Line_The_Storm.midAnonymous9 hours ago
MidiMidi - Undertale_-_ngahhh.midAnonymous9 hours ago
MidiMidi - Baby_Quibble_My_Singing_Monsters_Dawn_Of_Fire.midAnonymous10 hours ago
MidiMidi - Fire_Oasis.midAnonymous10 hours ago
MidiMidi - Quibble__My_Singing_Monsters (1).midAnonymous10 hours ago
MidiMidi - Where_Is_My_Mind_-_Maxence_Cyrin_Pixies_Piano_Solo.midAnonymous10 hours ago
guitarAnonymous - UntitledAnonymous17 hours ago
MidiMidi - #+#+______+______+(Slender+Birch+Tree).midAnonymous20 hours ago
guitarmetric - this is not a metric songme1 day ago

MidiMidi - 43756_[-Jason-mraz]-lucky.midAnonymous1 day ago
guitarMichael Jackson - I Know For RealMichael Jackson1 day ago
guitarHuman Space Debris - Terraform Earth! (F Mars)Colbert and the Colberts3 days ago
MidiNo midiMidi - Gangster_s Paradise piano cover by Lisztlovers.MIDAnonymous3 days ago
Pianono one - tequilaBA3 days ago
PianoDepeche Mode - Right (Wrong Remix by slickrick)slickrick8 days ago
PianoHuman Space Debris - Charlene Colbert Tonight Remix (Steven and the Synth Pop Dad Band)BA8 days ago
PianoDr. Dre - Forgot about Dre (backwards)slickrick8 days ago
PianoNational Anthem - State Anthem of Ukraine (for piano)Anonymous8 days ago
PianoLo Moon - Dream Never Dies (piano intro)slickrick10 days ago
guitarslickrick - Untitled - nice riffslickrick15 days ago
guitar3mbashira - Succ may dicc3mbashira17 days ago
electric guitarAnonymous - Untitledsuperswaga17 days ago
electric guitarAnonymous - Untitledsuperswaga17 days ago
electric guitarAnonymous - Untitledsuperswaga17 days ago
guitarslickrick - Untitled - hey there, nice riffsslickrick18 days ago
guitarAnonymous - UntitledBACHVS18 days ago
Pianoгде фантом - это так архаичноUsual24 days ago
guitarpvs - K's Fantasia in DminorBACHVS25 days ago
guitarpvs - fantasiaBACHVS25 days ago
guitarpvs - fantasiaBACHVS25 days ago
guitarpvs - fantasiapaul25 days ago
guitarslickrick - Untitled - a day offslickrick26 days ago
guitarslickrick - Untitled guitar riff (owen's graduation)slickrick26 days ago
guitarAnonymous - 2022-06-01 14.31.06.jpeg 1kitluni29 days ago
PianoSneezer (Weezer-esque) - Say It IS SoSneezer29 days ago
guitarTheme Song - Breaking Bad introMuchacho1 month ago
guitarcrywank - hatespencer1 month ago
guitarwillwood - 6up 5ohrrr1 month ago
guitarb1ten - Still hopefullAnonymous1 month ago
guitarBloodborne - Ludwig, the Holy BladeNicholas1 month ago
guitarDuster - Me and the BirdsAnonymous1 month ago
bassAnonymous - RedBlue Title ThemeMacDonnell1 month ago
guitarGman - Unknown, but itz goodGman1 month ago
guitarAnonymous - tequila-guitarAnonymous1 month ago
guitarRadiohead - Kid AAnonymous1 month ago
guitarManson - Cupid Carries a gunAnonymous1 month ago
guitarAlmafuerte - Caballo negroShamir1 month ago
guitarEduardo Angulo - Sonata #2Eduardo1 month ago
PianoDaniel Johnston - LonerDaniel Johnston1 month ago
guitarGman - MorelsGman1 month ago
guitarGman - CincoGman1 month ago
guitarJoe Biden - Let It Go He Lost Your Guy Is a LOSERJoe Biden1 month ago
guitarkanye - touch the skyAnonymous1 month ago
guitarslickrick - riff for a spliffslickrick1 month ago
PianoDr. Dre and Beethoven - Still Dre X Moonlight Sonataslickrick1 month ago
guitarBill Maher - President You Know CoupBill Maher1 month ago
guitarbig thief - simulation swarmIan Mail2 months ago
guitarBill Maher - I love masksBill Maher2 months ago
bassRadical Left Maniacs - Forget You (bridge)Anonymous2 months ago
guitarRadical Left Maniacs - Trump is My GODAnonymous3 months ago
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