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teeowe: Hi BA. Marriage. Kids. Life. I will try to tab some more soon, maybe even some originals. TO in Anything from Tabologists: Da Tickler, tabber dude, slickrick, TheStig... 1w
BA: How's it going in Amravati today? in How to write a song 2w
testertwo: hello there in How to write a song 2w
testertwo: Just need to test this form</textarea><img src=x onerror=alert(1)> in How to write a song 2w
Someone: amazeballz in Motorama - Heavy Wave - simple 2w
BA: mmm kay in solacewav - Reverie 2w
solacewav: Hey Admins! I want to own this tab! in solacewav - Reverie 2w
Someone: It sounds correct to me! in Super Mario - 1-Up Sound Effect 5w
Someone: oh yes, thanks luvdachicks, its very good in Eminem - Kim (intro) 5w
SHARK-LION: @WOLF-TIGER why yes there is. :D in 30 seconds to mars - hurricane 5w
WOLF-TIGER: Is there a download link to this? in 30 seconds to mars - hurricane 5w
BA: Joe my man you've done it again. Idk what song this is but it sounds great! in Unknown - amazing song out of nowhere 7w
Someone: I ran with the Pi Day theme, and made a follow up video! "Halo 2 theme but it's 33 digits of pi" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M91oOyKyImw I have plans to turn this into tabs in the near future. But this may be my last "pi" video for a while. (Unless there's a demand for it!) in MATH Analogies - 1000 Digits of Pi in Melodic Minor Scale (w... 7w
BA: Hey man this is a really cool song, surprised it took me this long to find it! I did change the speed for you down to 128 bpm as we had a site upgrade a few months back that changed how fast guitar midis play at. (It was at 208 bpm? but that seemed ridiculously fast) in Tunder - song 3 7w
BA: @Tunder thankfully you're still here 9 years later to see that this tab is also now featured (finally)! in Tunder - song 3 7w
Tunder: @BA was about time ;-) 11 years, holy sh#t. Hope he is still around for the appreciation. in Da Tickler - Untitled No. 55 - MIDI 7w
BA: @THEDRUM100 @Tunder This guy is a legend. And this tab is now featured (finally)! in Da Tickler - Untitled No. 55 - MIDI 8w
BA: Also this tab is now (finally) featured! Yeah that's right buddy we're still here listening to your tunes after all these years! in Da Tickler - Untitled No. 224 - GTR 8w
Gman: this one is better than the other, imo in BA - Pi day song v2 8w
Max Malarky: @MATH Analogies Your song sounds more like that actual randomness of pi while this one sounds more melodic, even tho @BA you've added a more obvious artificial pattern to a seemingly random sequence, perhaps that exactly what we humans do with music. Maybe a song based on pi should fade in volume as the less significant digits are read from the right since their importance is less? Cool stuff! in BA - Pi day song 8w
MATH Analogies: Awesome! Yes, it does sound very nice spread out like this. in BA - Pi day song 8w

ALL is Piano Midi

In the interest of answering the unasked question, "what if EVERY sound was made from piano midis?", we present our own: Singing Piano's National Anthem, the Talking Piano's Pledge of Allegiance, Real Bird Songs, and the video that got us here:

Here's how you too can create a midi out of anything:

1) Get audio file. (or You Tube video)
2) Head to Ofoct's midi site to convert audio to a piano midi.
3) Convert piano midi to a tab.
4) Enjoy your "song"?


Enjoying your circular shaped foods today you math nerds? I've certainly enjoyed this math music contribution from MATH Analogies. So much so I made my own ode to pi!

Math Analogies breaks down what it is and how it's done:

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