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guest Chaeson Smith added 30 Seconds to Mars - Stay 1d Piano added
guest Someone added Anonymous - mm 3d Piano added
guest Someone added paco pastorius - the chicken 4d guitar added
guest Someone added Armada - Harusnya Aku 3w Piano added
guest Elizabeth Warren added Elizabeth Warren - some bass guitar tab 5w bass added
guest Someone added Anonymous - Nada es normal 7w Piano added
guest Lizzy added Lizzy - Cool 8w Piano added
guest Someone added Autoheart - Agoraphobia 8w guitar added
guest Someone added daniel johnston - Untitled 9w guitar added
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guest Jaybuggy updated Tyler, the Creator - Bastard 6d Piano updated
guest Someone rules! me - chords Piano Рекомендуемые
guest ChaesonSmith said "Meant to post this under this account (not a guest with the same name) but I seem to be having difficulty staying logged in when trying to post it? Very strange. Anyway, can someone please move this to my (ChaesonSmith) account? I'll try again tomorrow to post it under the correct account." in 30 Seconds to Mars - Stay 1d
guest ChaesonSmith said "Major update to the tab; corrected the verses to sound more accurate; there was a few spots where notes were played on L3 instead of L2 and those are fixed; not sure about any future updates unless I stumble upon something that sounds better when playing. I hope this tab has been helpful! :)" in Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years (Acoustic) 1d
guest HardReset said "And what about Mike Garson? He could))" in Nine Inch Nails - Just Like You Imagined 1w
guest Liz said "Fu Donald. But good song." in Donald Trump - Amerussia First 2w
guest a said "a" in Nokia - Nokia Tune 2w
guest Addi said "@Anonymous you can plug it in here to make it piano: https://tabnabber.com/converto..." in Mudvayne - Happy 2w
BA said "Yang I love you man, can I have my 1000$ now?" in Andrew Yang - Unknown tune, chill man 2w
guest Someone said "No piano? I’ve been trying forever" in Mudvayne - Happy 2w
guest Jessi said "Love the numerical/math representation of the notes! Nice job mate, thanks for this!" in Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere over the Rainbow 3w
guest 1234guest3 said "I don't agree with this layout but at least the person who made this tried." in ROBLOX Soundtrack - Wind of Fjords (Telamon's Sword) 3w
guest G2g said "Good stuff thanks so much!" in koji kondo - zelda main theme 4w
guest ChaesonSmith said "Greetings, I just posted a tab "Stay" by 30 Seconds to Mars, and somehow it posted under a guest account called "Chaeson Smith"; For some reason I'm having trouble staying logged in when trying to post a tab so I'm unable to get it in the correct location. Is there anyway that tab could be moved to this account? Thank you!" in Accidentally posted under guest account 1d
shaitlord said "can anyone give me piano or guitar tabs of the Vocals? Not the actual music, but the song... the vocals. I've been able to find a few examples online like https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/the-heavy-short-change-hero-tab-s443574t2 Where they assign the Vocals to a Flute." in Short Change Hero - The Heavy 2w
guest Someone said "I can write for you any sheet music" in The Meeting - ABWH 3w
BA said "Thanks but no thanks. U spam much bro? Please don't repost your ads, this is the 2nd time you've posted the same thing in the forum." in Digital Marketing Solution & Website Re-designing 4w

Macs Xam Crank Yankers Style

Friend of the site Macs Xam's latest efforts seek to increase the awareness of scams and encourage others to keep the crooks on the line instead of hanging up.

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Another Must Listen Song for Corporate Personnel

"I'm thinking about starting a Corporation, who's with me?"
Jack White's "Corporation" is a masterpiece worthy of much adulation. Though I wouldn't recommend viewing the song's accompanying video unless you are a) at least 37 years old and b) into really weird Jack White sh!t.

Something For My Friends In the Corporate World

If you've ever worked for a Corporation, these next ones are for you. This Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY) parody of "Carry On" from Weird Al is on the bleeding edge of some big data strategies that promise to maximize our... synergy.
This is sooo good.

MacsXam Shoutout

Friend of the site MacsXam is launching a new channel to help raise awareness and reduce the proliferance of scams, check out the pilot here:

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