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PianoКлавишная табулатура

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by: steph

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R|  Chords used:
.|     [CC
] [EE
] [FF
] T|  4|--e---e---f---e---e---e---f-- A|  4|--c-------c---c---C---c---c-- B|  3|--g---b---a---a---g---G---a-- N|  3|--e---G---f---e---e---e---D-- A|  3|--c---e---c-----------c---c-- B|  2|------b---f---a---a-------f-- B|  2|------e---------------------- E|   R|  *I call it Q 'cause I have no idea what it is* .|   C|   O|  Makeshift intro: M|  [CC
]          [EE
]        [CC
]       [AmAm
] -|   R|  3|--c---c-e-c-e-----e-G---e-c-c-e-c-e-----e-G---e-- U|  2|--------------e---------------------e------------ .|   [FF
]        [EE
]        [AmAm
] T|  3|------f-a-f-a-----e-G---e-----e-a-e-a---e-a---e-- A|  2|--f-----------e-----------a-----------a---------- B|   N|   A|   B|  Verses: B|   E|   R|  [CC
]        [EE
] [CC
]      [EE
] .|   the early cars already are C|  [FF
]      [EE
]          [AmAm
] O|   drawing deep breaths past my door M|  [CC
]               [EE
]      [CC
]               [EE
] -|   and last night's phrases sick with lack of basis R|  [FF
]        [EE
]      [AmAm
] U|   are still writhing on my floor .|  [A7A7
] T|   and it doesn't seem fair A|            [FF
]                 [CC
]      [AmAm
] B|  that your wicked words should work in holding me N|                                               down A|   B|  [A7A7
] B|   no it doesn't seem right E|     [FF
]       [CC
]     [FF
]             [CC
] R|  to take information given at close range .|          [FF
]        [CC
]           [FF
]        [EE
] C|  for the gag and the bind and the ammunition round O|   M|   -|  chorus: R|   U|  [AmAm
]..[Q*]..        [F7F7
]          [D|-1h2-] .|          this is not about love T|  [AmAm
]..[Q*]..           [F7F7
]       [D|-1h2-] A|          cause I am not in love B|          [CC
]   [AmAm
] [GG
]        [FF
] [F7F7
] N|  in fact I can't stop falling out A|  [FF
] B|   I miss that stupid ache B|   E|  interlude: R|  [CC
] x2 .|   C|   [A7A7
]... [FF
]. (Bass could play notes[FF
]) O|   [A7A7
] M|   -|   R|  [CC
]          [EE
]     [CC
]       [EE
] U|  what is this posture I have to stare at .|  [FF
]              [EE
]             [AmAm
] T|  that's what they said when I was sitting up A|                                           straight B|  [CC
]        [EE
]        [CC
]            [EE
] N|   change the name of the game 'cause he lost A|  [FF
]        [EE
]          [AmAm
] B|  and he knew he was wrong but he knew it too late B|  [A7A7
] E|     but I'm not being fair R|        [FF
]        [CC
]             [GG
] .|  cause I chose to listen to that filthy mouth C|  [A7A7
] O|     but I'd like to choose right M|  [FF
]          [CC
]               [FF
]           [CC
] -|  take all the things that I've said that he stole R|  [FF
]          [CC
]             [FF
]      [CC
] U|  put 'em in a sack swing 'em over my shoulder .|  [FF
]        [CC
]    [FF
]              [CC
] T|  turn on my heels step out of his sight A|         [FF
]       [CC
]      [EE
] B|  try to live in a lovelier life N|   A|  outro: B|  [CC
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