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Flagged Ted Talk on Music and Math

Listen, this may be the best TEDx talk you'll ever hear, assuming it's the only one you'll ever hear. But fair warning: the audio cuts out on one side periodically, the speaker may present some "facts" that are at odds with your reality, and the TED organization itself flagged it because it "appears to fall outside TEDx's curatorial guidelines for its assertions about math and music", but despite all that there are some interesting ideas presented. Plus as we've unapologetically stated before sheet music sucks, so...

Dissecting Music with Chilly Gonzalez

Drake's favorite piano teacher, aka Canadian musician Chilly Gonzalez, gives us a taste of his pop music MasterClass on BBC's Radio 1 in this 2015 clip of a genius at work:

The Piano with the Human Voice

Given the right frequencies and an impossibly fast fingered robot pianist, a human voice emerges...

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