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Forums > Tips Techniques > How do you play the melody if only chords are given

8 years ago
How do you play the melody if only chords are given? 6408 views  
Silent Disaster


5 Posts
For example:

There's a tab given for the intro, so that's simple. But for the rest of the song, only chords are given.
How do you play the melody if you're only given the chords? Do you just need to play it by ear? Because I have bad hearing, and I don't think I'll ever be able to play by ear haha.

I've seen a lot of tabs like this, with just the chords given. So I'm confused as how to go about this. Help? XD


7 years ago
Re: How do you play the melody if only chords a...

Pro Tabber
[Pro Tabber]

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Since I don't know how this song goes, here's how I do it. The guitar intro is an Eb chord. You would use the given tab, and replace the notes with the given notes from the chords.

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