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9 years ago
Do"s And Dont's For Tabbers 5747 views  
Do's and Dont's for tabbers to get high ratings on your piano tabs which results in your getting promoted up the level ladder from lowly "Tab Recruit" all the way to "Tab Master" are...

1) create genuine, original piano tabs that are of the highest quality.
2) ensure the notes and timing are correct, and tab the entire song (treble and bass clef), and at least a majority of it when you first submit it. You can always go back and finish it later, but if you only tab a few notes, it will tank (low ratings).
3) find a popular song that no one else has already posted a good (or great) piano tab for. It's really not necessary to tab a popular song as long as it's tabbed properly and correct. If it sounds good even if it's not popular, it will get high ratings. It's just that popular songs catch peoples' attention alot better and get more ratings.

1) steal others' tabs on this site and just re-post them under your name. Doing that will assure you of only one thing... ones and zeros ratings for all your tabs. Once eveyone else finds out you're a thieving scumbag, they'll rate you ones and zeros on everything you submit after that.
2) just steal (or copy) guitar tabs from other sites and post them as guitar tabs, or just convert them to piano tabs. Converting them doesn't make them piano music unless you add all the missing notes from the bass and/or treble clef, and correct the timing. Besides, this just wastes valuable server space on this site, and if it's already on another site, what the heck do we need it on here for (again)? Plus, you're not contributing a piano tab when you just steal a guitar tab from another site and put it on here.
3) just post lyrics to a song. If you want to post lyrics might I suggest you go put it on "", or write a good piano tab for a song and include the lyrics.
4) have more forum posts than you have tabs, especially if your forum posts don't have any meaningful, valuable suggestions. The forums aren't chat rooms, or a place just to see your screen name on every post. If they are not meaningful suggestions they are just more crap the ADMIN's have to wade through taking away from their valuable time of upgrading the site with improvements and enhancements.
5) rate your friends' tabs high and make glowing comments on them if they are really bad. Everyone else will quickly make the assumption you are an "Idiot" and probably rate your tabs low just because... well... you're an idiot.


9 years ago
Re: Do
muzik teechur
Don't put on your tabs stuff like "Listen to the song to figure out the timing yourself." Make the timing correct.

9 years ago
just a tip


23 Posts
another 5hing you could do is post comments on lots of tabs that get tonnes of views, people will see your comment, might click on the link to your profile and then look at your tabs

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