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65 added 20h 11 - 22 Piano added


Slickrick added 1w Slickrick - The gist Piano added


Michael Jackson added 1w Michael Jackson - Halloween Song guitar added


Anonymous added 2w Unknown - Tasty Chords guitar added


Slickrick updated 7d Slickrick - The gist Piano updated


Michael Jackson updated 5w Michael Jackson - experiment alskdnh electric guitar updated

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guest Anonymous said: 1d Lol yeah@Bobsaggit
on Super Mario - Theme Song (simple)
guest Anonymous said: 1d Minecraft is lit
on Metallica - One-Intro
guest Anonymous said: 6d Im not a robot
on Evanescence - My Immortal (for beginners)
guest Anonymous said: 2w Hello✌
on Lucy hale - Extra ordinary
guest RatpackRyan said: 2w You should change the sharps to their enharmonic equivalent to ease confusion. Example: we are obviously in the scale of Cm which has a natural 'd' and a flat 'e'. So instead of writing the Cm chord as C+D#+G it should be written as C+Eb+G. This way it agrees with general music theory and triads and if you ever write and post the melody you don't have to write D# followed by D natural
on Man Man - Feathers
guest ya boo said: 3w too hard for learners
on Awolnation - Sail
guest RiveritoElSapito said: 3w :v
on Los Prisioneros - La Voz de los 80
guest Sam said: 3w @WouldYouDestroySomething... Key of c. Most piano tabs are in c, tho you can adjust them to any key you want on the transpose page http://tabnabber.com/transpose...
on Twenty One Pilots - Screen (Intro)
guest WouldYouDestroySomething... said: 3w Great, thanks for this. Um... Key signature?
on Twenty One Pilots - Screen (Intro)
guest Rick said: 4w @Jerry of course you don't understand the notes, Jerry, because you are a Jerry. Seriously tho, if you actually want some help and are willing to exert a minimal amount of cerebral function in order to explain what exactly you don't understand, I'm more than happy to help break it down for your primitive brain. buuurp
on Rick and Morty - Get Schwifty (Rickdiculous Remix)
guest Robynne said: 2w Oh my gosh i downloaded it !! Thank you a million times !!!i can't believe I can finally play it on the piano You're so kind
on The Meeting - ABWH
guest Robynne said: 2w I'm trying to open it but it's not working I'll keep trying
on The Meeting - ABWH
guest Putin said: 2w robynne, see the link 2 up
on The Meeting - ABWH
guest robynne said: 4w DO you still have a copy of The Meeting by ABWH? I was going to look for a transcriber - but I would love to negotiate a copy if you have one
on The Meeting - ABWH

Site Update: Better Bass, Greater Guitar Site Support

We've been getting more bass and guitar tabs lately (you slacker pianists), so to show our appreciation for our fretting friends we've improved our bass and guitar tab features finally fixed some bugs we should have addressed a long time ago.

Enjoy your improved midi playback and sheet music viewing, you axe-wielding maniacs!

Astronomical Music from TRAPPIST-1 Planetary System

Space Jams anyone? A team of astronomers and musicians at the University of Toronto have created a visual musical tool to make songs with the 7 earth sized planets orbiting an ultra cool dwarf star approximately the size of the planet Jupiter known as TRAPPIST-1 and located 40 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius.

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