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Anonymous added 1h zan - usui Piano added


Anonymous added 1d crowder - how he loves us Piano added


Owen added 4d Syd Matters - Obstacles Piano added


mrsuns10 added 5d Lorde - Green Light piano Piano added


Mehul B added 6d RD Burman - raat kali ek guitar added


Anonymous added 6d Anonymous - raat kali ek guitar added


Aaron updated 5d Roots, The - lost desire Piano updated


Anonymous updated 2w Emil Bonde Ellice - Irish Silence guitar updated


Anonymous updated 2w Jon L - campfire song guitar updated

guest jedi master said: 5d My way: f Bb f Eb d Bb f Eb d c Bb f Eb d Eb c Bb f Eb d c Bb f Eb D Eb c
on star wars - STARWARS THEME
guest wagwan piffting said: 6d bbm pin?
on Kevin Sherwood - The Damned
guest Anonymous said: 7d love
on Böhse Onkelz - Leere worte
guest Aina said: 1w Pleasa bagi not suasana hari raya huruf abc boleh
on anuar zain - selamat hari raya
guest BigDaddy said: 1w @Anonymous what don't u get? There's pictures that show exactly what to play?
on Clare Bowen - Black Roses
guest Anonymous said: 1w Im not sure how to read this
on Clare Bowen - Black Roses
guest Anonymous said: 1w @mahouse If your so good then you should be able to do it by ear, get good kid
guest Emilio said: 1w Pretty good
on Muse - Mercy
guest AAAA said: 2w Its cool but i need HIS THEME of music type: A I U T 1 F 4 U
on Me - His Theme-Piano
BA said: 19h oops. you are correct. thanks for the corrections Monika! It will be fixed.
on [notename]6sus4 is wrong
guest ME said: 23h They show c6, c#6, d6 etc, not c6sus4, c#6sus4 etc These two look the same:
on [notename]6sus4 is wrong
BA said: 1d Eat Sheet Music. you idiot!
on I don't like you calling me an idiot , idiot
guest Anonymous said: 1d Your the f*#%en idiot
on I don't like you calling me an idiot , idiot

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