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guest Someone added Midi - underwater.mid 5h Midi added
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guest Someone updated Donald Trump - Me Me Me 5w Piano updated
guest Shai Cordero said "Thank you" in Minecraft - Wet Hands 20h
guest Sans said "Really helpful to know for when i want a meme." in Undertale - MEGALOVANIA 3d
guest BA said "Not only does this sound good but looks cool too! nice work" in Beetles, The - Buck Fush 3d
guest Chilly Willy said "Great job w the song. Rest in peace u weird and talented Mofo." in Prodigy, The - Climbatize (piano synth chords) 1w
guest Someone said "this helps" in eminem - Mocking Bird... 2w
guest &24935;&30524;&31179; said "@Anonymous no u ww " in Legend of Zelda - Lost woods (RH) 2w
guest Someone said "Nice " in Cardi B - Money simple piano by Mya 3w
guest Hi said "just wanted to say this is awesome!" in Nyan Cat - Nyan Cat 4w
BA said "Sometimes the midi converter doesn't work very well at all. This is one of those times. It usually is because the midi file used is old (the original midi formats can be read but the tracks get all jumbled up). If you want to send us the original file at tabnabber@gmail.com we may be able to help get your file converted correctly." in Anonymous - Untitled 5w
guest heptamusica said "La mejor tablatura para piano y para cualquier instrumento es la notación que exponemos en www.heptamusica.com donde se da un número del 1 al 12 a cada nota de la escala cromática, así como a cada tecla de cada octava del piano. Fué Medalla de Oro en el Salón de Inventos e Innovaciones de Pittsburgh (EE.UU.) en 2014" in How to Read Tabs 5w
guest BillyBean297 said "I'm bully " in Minecraft - Wet Hands 6w
guest Someone said "Prince nothing compares to you " in Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares To You (chords) 6w
BA said "Midi Converter is fixed for real this time (finally)! Enjoy" in Midi converter broken 3d
guest Someone said "Thanks, it works now, at least. By the way, is not midi file issue because i tried with some midi files that i had already saved, and they worked fine until yesterday. Same exact files, that i hadn't modified or redownload from somewhere." in Midi converter broken 5w
BA said "Ok, I've semi fixed it. Still don't know why some files get lost when the tracks are selected, but now at least it will show all the tracks by default. This will at least let you see all the notes in the file until we can fix it fully. Hope that helps, thanks again for reaching out!" in Midi converter broken 5w
guest BA said "Interesting, thanks for the files and additional details. Multiple tracks are supported by the converter (normally), there's something strange going on with these files tho I suspect." in Midi converter broken 5w

Have some presents: Mars Argo Rumplemixes

And now for the reverse...

Life in Reverse

This might help you resist the urge to watch a ridiculous Harlem Shake video...

Let the Poor Feller In

Song: Mel McDaniel - Louisiana Saturday Night.
ur welcome

Banned Ted Talk on Music and Math

Listen, this may be the best TEDx talk you'll ever hear, assuming it's the only one you'll ever hear.

Statistically speaking, you should like it, as it currently boasts >69% approval ratings. But...TED did flag it for being "outside TEDx's curatorial guidelines for its assertions about math and music". Despite that there are some interesting ideas presented. Plus we agree with at least one point made, as we've unapologetically demonstrated before.... sheet music suuucks.

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